Advantage SS-11000-WD 4-Post Lift

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The Only 4-Post Car Lift of This Size and Design on the Market. The SS-11000 WD is built for the guy who has the one-ton, four-door, long bed dually pickup and a hot rod that he’d like to work on. This lift can do it all. The Advantage SS-11000 WD is one of the largest lifts that you can still put a set of casters on to make portable.

Drip Trays (set of 4)
Pullout aluminum end stops for added safety (2 stops)
Rubber wheel chocks for added safety when jacking up one end of your vehicle (2 chocks)
A set of casters with heavy‑duty poly caster wheels (won't cut or mar your painted floor)
Rolling Jacking Tray (4500 lb. with a drain plug)
Aluminum Ramps
Capacity 11,000 lbs.
Overall Height of Corner Posts 105" - 8' 9"
Max Height to Top of Track on Lock 87.5" x 7' 3"
Max Clearance Under Deck on Lock 82" - 6' 10"
Size of Column / Baseplate 5" x 5" - 12" x 12"
Track Length 203" - 16' 11"
Track Thickness 4.5"
Track Width 24"
Floor Space Footprint L 215" x W 129"
Overall Width Outside Post 124" - 10.5'
Overall Length 215" - 17' 11"
Overall Width Track to Track 85" - 7'
Width Between Tracks / Rails 37.5" - 34.75"
Between the Post Width 114"
Power Electric / Hydraulic 240 Volt 20 Amp
Shipping Weight 3,000 lbs.
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