ALI Inspections

ALI Inspections:

ALI inspections have grown in popularity over the years and have really become important to lift owners. If you have questions as to why ALI inspections are so important give us a call at 855-575-1225 and we will be glad discuss the importance of annual ALI inspections.

Each Lift Inspection Includes:

  • Full functionality testing up, down, hold, shut offs, and proper orientation.
  • Examining structural components, including welds, signs of fatigue, overloading, misuse.
  • Safety latch testing, spring and latch examinations.
  • Cable testing and adjusting as needed.
  • Arm lock adjustments tested and greased as needed.
  • Sliding block testing and examination.
  • Test every screw, bolts/nuts, floor anchors, and fastening device for tightness and factory required torque.
  • Check electrical components and wiring for wear points.
  • In ground leak test examination, water test, surrounding stabilizing testing.
  • Check cylinders for corrosion, rust, damage and leakage.
  • Safety adjustments made during the inspection are included in the fee.
  • Completed safety check list, sign off, and safety report provided upon completion.
  • Our corporate trainer provides a safety training for your shop leadership.

About Our Process:

After we have completed all inspections and repairs we will send or deliver to you a copy of all your inspection reports to keep on file.

ALI Lifting It Right Training:

Our senior ALI Certified Inspector will come to your location to conduct a training session for your entire team on lift safety. Based on our experience lift repairs over the life time of a lift can be reduced by proper operator usage.

Think your team doesn't need proper training because they've been a mechanic for a long time? When we receive calls of cars falling off lifts due to improper loading or usage by a mechanic, often that mechanic has 20+ years of experience. Training is important because it sharpens skills.

For FREE quick advice, call a lift expert at 855-575-1225

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