Challenger SA-10
Front view of the asymmetric 2-post lift from Advantage
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Challenger SA-10

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Commercial Grade Lift at an Affordable Price!


The Challenger SA-10 2-post lift is perfect for commercial garages, and for hobbyist who want a commercial grade lift in their garage at an affordable price. This lift provides a lot of flexibility with its 6” adjustment in width and height, and its ability to be setup symmetrically or asymmetrically without having to order it as one or the other. The lower height setting requires only 11.5’ feet in ceiling height. With a rated capacity of 10,000 lbs., and its standard 3 stage front and 2 stage rear arms the SA10 can accommodate both cars and trucks. The Challenger SA10 is very comparable to Rotary’s SPOA10, but is a fraction of the price.


Available accessory options include a 2’ height extension. Color options are red or blue columns with yellow arms.  


Features and Benefits:

  • Built in 6” adjustment in width and height.

  • Ability to setup Symmetrically or Asymmetrically with the same lift.

  • ALI Certified

  • Single point lock release. Allows you to disengage both locks at the same time.

  • Universal double telescoping pads that works great for both cars and trucks.

  • Premium long lasting powder coating.

  • 3-stage front arms that provide greater overall arm span. 

  • Padded overhead shut off bar that will shut off power to the lift to prevent vehicle damage. Also, comes with rubber door guards to prevent door damage.

  • 10,000 Lb. Lift Capacity
  • Adjustable Height & Width
  • ALI Certified
  • Symmetric or Asymmetric



Other Notes:

  • Recommended Bay Size: 12' Tall x 12' Wide x 24' Deep

  • Power Requirement: 240V, 20-amp breaker, Single Phase

  • Flooring Requirements: 4 1/2" thick concrete, free from cracks and seams, rated at 3500+ psi