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Oil Change Service

Part No. 1001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) / Part No. 1002 12FL. OZ. (355 mL)

Detergents in oil can break down and cause sludge and varnish inside your vehicle's engine. When this occurs, it can cause your vehicle to run less efficiently and damage the engine. With Petra's Premium Oil Change Service, your vehicle will be cleaned internally, with the same type of detergents found in synthetic oil. We clean the engine prior to an oil change, safely removing sludge and varnish build-up, improving circulation of oil and promoting a more complete drainage of the old oil.

Fuel System Service

Part No. 2001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) / Part No. 2002 12FL. OZ. (355 mL)

Carbon deposits build in your vehicle's fuel system and cause it to lose power, run less efficiently and reduce performance. With Petra's Fuel System Service your vehicle will be restored to "like new" performance. Injectors, valve, combustion chamber and throttle body will be cleaned. This service helps eliminate rough idle and decreases emissions and hesitation problems. Petra's Fuel System Service also helps clean GDI and EGR carbon buildup.

Diesel Fuel System Service

Part No. 3001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) / Part No. 3002 12FL. OZ. (355 mL)

Carbon deposits build up in your diesel fuel system over time and cause your vehicle to lose power, run less efficiently and reduce the performance your vehicle had when it was new. With Petra's Diesel Fuel System Service your vehicle will be restored to "like new" performance. Your vehicle's injection, valve and combustion chamber will be cleaned. This service will help eliminate rough idle, decrease emissions and hesitation problems.

Cooling System Service

Universal Cooling System Cleaner Part No. 4001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) / Universal Radiator Treatment Part No. 4003 12FL. OZ. (355 mL)

According to the Department of Transportation, the number one reason for mechanical breakdowns is cooling system failure. With Petra's Cooling System Service your vehicle's cooling system will be serviced completely. Petra's Service will exchange your fluid, clean your cooling system, remove rust and scale deposits, restore coolant flow, prevent cooling loss and prevent leaks.

Automatic Transmission Service

Transmission System Cleaner Part No. 5001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) /
Universal Synthetic Sealer & Conditioner Part No. 5003 12FL. OZ. (355 mL)

A typical transmission drain and fill only get's 40%-50% of the fluid out. Sludge and varnish build-up in your transmission can cause transmission failure. It's important to maintain your vehicle's transmission on a regular maintenance schedule. Petra's Transmission Service will clean internal transmission components, remove internal sludge and varnish, replace 95% of the fluid, revitalize seals and extend transmission fluid life.

Power Steering System Service

Part No. 7001 12FL. OZ. (355 mL) / Part No. 7003 64FL. OZ. (1.9 L)

Gum and varnish may develop inside your vehicle's power steering system and cause hard steering and make noise. Petra's Power Steering Service will dissolve sludge and gum in your vehicle's power steering unit to protect against wear, oxidation and corrosion and help restore quiet and smooth steering.

Differential &Transfer Case Service

SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil Part No. 89032 32FL. OZ. (946 mL) / SAE 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil Part No. 814032 32FL. OZ. (946 mL)

Your vehicle’s differential system goes through extreme conditions and wear. On a regular maintenance schedule, have your vehicle & differential fluid exchanged with Petra’s Differential Service. Use Petra’s fully-synthetic gear oil with limited slip additives and protection against wear and corrosion.

Air Conditioning Service

Evaporator Odor Eliminator Part No. 9007B 8FL. OZ. (277 g) / Petra Blaster Part No. 9017 5.5FL. OZ. (156 g)

It only takes a simple A/C compressor problem to bring your car’s A/C system to it’s demise. Many of the problems that can occur in your auto A/C system can be connected with the loss of refrigerant which could lead to compressor failure. With Petra’s A/C products and services, we can detect leaks, lubricate the system, and even eliminate odors caused by mildew, mold and bacteria.