ALI Inspections


ALI Inspections:

ALI inspections have grown in popularity over the years and have really become an unwritten requirement. If you have questions as to why ALI inspections are so important gives us a call at 717-432-5672 and we would be glad discuss the importance of annual ALI inspections.

Each Lift Inspection Includes:

  • Full functionality testing up, down, hold, shut offs, and proper orientation.
  • Examining structural components, including welds, signs of fatigue, overloading, misuse.
  • Safety latch testing, spring and latch examinations.
  • Cable testing and adjusting as needed.
  • Arm lock adjustments tested and greased as needed.
  • Sliding block testing and examination.
  • Test every screw, bolts/nuts, floor anchors, and fastening device for tightness and factory required torque.
  • Check electrical components and wiring for wear points.
  • In ground leak test examination, water test, surrounding stabilizing testing.
  • Check cylinders for corrosion, rust, damage and leakage.
  • Safety adjustments made during the inspection are included in the fee.
  • Completed safety check list, sign off, and safety report provided upon completion.
  • Our corporate trainer provides a safety training for your shop leadership.

About Our Process:

After we have completed all inspections and repairs we will send or deliver to you a copy of all your inspection reports to keep on file. 

ALI Lifting It Right Training

Our most senior ALI Certified Inspector will come to your location to conduct a training session for your entire team on lift safety. Based on our experience lift repairs over the life time of a lift can be reduced by  proper operator usage. 

Do you think your team does not need proper training because they have been a mechanic for a long time? When we receive calls of lifts falling off cars due to improper loading or usage by a  mechanic often times  that mechanic has 20+ years of experience.